Published on : 2017-05-20 22:00:59

Sure the first people who got into are making a profit but like any good scheme, thats what happens, you make it look good. It s also designed to be used as a currency, not an investment. You can choose not to buy in to it but that s different from a scam. Bitcoin has the potential to displace or even completely replace Western Union. The Bubble Theory of Money Bitcoin is a bubble, and so is every other form of money. It s a Ponzi Scheme and just remember that - and have fun.

If you are getting in hoping to get really rich (and didn t) then it s really your own fault. If an asset is held only to trade it away later, and it fails to become money, the bubble pops and it becomes worthless. If Bitcoin is a scam, then the US dollar is a far greater scam. Like Las Vegas real estate in 2007, or Amazon. Who is the scammer, if there is no one in charge of it. Sounds like a perfect way to gamble a couple hundred dollars and see if this Ponzi Scheme takes off turning my couple hundred into a couple thousand (or more).

It is controlled by no single party and is both decentralized and distributed. For me - well it might not be 100% scam, but it will probably fail anyway as a bad business project. For example if you have no job and suddenly bought an expensive house (with cash or bitcoin) you better have a compelling story to tell IRS.Triggers.
. And remember people - think for yourself - did the original creators really wanted to make the world a better place or offer an alternative to fiat currencies to help people or just to make money. .Tether.


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is bitcoin dying

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